‘‘ What a pleasure to hear such a warm voice singing Jazz in Japan from a native Japanese artist! She sings from French to English without missing a musical beat. ’’

Diva Gray
(vocalist, former member of the group "Chic", also sang with Elton John, John Lennon, Celine Dion and many more)
‘‘ A new distinctive voice has entered the jazz forum--one of extraordinary clarity and innovative expression. Rié FURUSE is a rare gem, a superb interpreter of the lyrical idiom. ’’

Chris Mosdell
(lyricist worked with Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson and Ryuichi Sakamoto etc.)
‘‘ One of Japan's up-and-coming jazz entertainers ’’

Glenn Davis
(Journalist For The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan)
‘‘ A unique Japanese singing talent, Rié FURUSE ’’

James Harber
(Producer of the radio"thejazzintersection.com")
(march 2007)
‘‘ A new star in the Japanese Jazz World ’’

Review from the magazine "Jazz World"
(january 2003)
‘‘ Predestined to be popular. ’’

Review from the magazine "Tokyo Headline"
(june 2004)
‘‘ World-class singer Rié FURUSE ’’

Review from the paper "American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam"
(september 2010)